About us - Pictofigo

Pictofigo, a name that will connect one to the galaxy of "Freehand drawings". Freehand drawing was prevalent but using the freehand drawings on the web is what is "unique" on Pictofigo.

Pictofigo is developed keeping 3 things in mind:

1. To make pictures
speak more than
2. To design graphics
using Freehand
3. Unlimited

Moving forward, Pictofigo will shape itself to be Freehand drawing search engine. Pictofigo is the only place where one can find Freehand Drawing and workflows.

Pictofigo images or in other words "Freehand Drawings" are now available to be downloaded from the Pictofigo website and to be used on making blogs, making presentations, developing project/process workflows, adding value to forums, contributing through articles etc. Pictofigo is set to remove the word "monotony" from the text based contents that we normally find on web. Pictofigo is set to make those interesting and create a mark on the readers. That way readers/audience will be able to associate the subject with an object very easily.


History of Pictofigo

We are not carrying so called "past" baggage with us as we are preparing for a marathon.

Why Pictofigo?