How it works

Pictofigo has opened the doors of freehand drawings to the world. Pictofigo is world's biggest data bank of Freehand drawings. All the images on the site are original and hand drawn. Hours and hours of time is spent on research of each image and then to convert those into Freehand drawings. Pictofigo provides high-quality, royalty-free Freehand images available for purchase and download.

Pictofigo provides:

. Unique Freehand drawings.
. All images are Original hand drawn.
. Concept drawings.
. Fit with any content.

Pictofigo wants to keep things simple for the users. Just follow these 3 steps:

Step1: Search with keywords or go to alphabetical list of images.
Step2: View images, based on search keywords..
Step3: Download the image on your local machine.

Last but not the least, Welcome to the world of freehand drawings. Lets do the journey together.