1. Essence of the name of Pictofigo?

Ans. An effort to bring life to figures through freehand drawing. When pictures and figures comes together, essence of Pictofigo comes out.

2. Why is Pictofigo unique?

Ans. Because Pictofigo uses the prevalent freehand drawing concepts, online and present it in a very special way. The more we do, the more we are knowing to use them.

3. Where will Pictofigo reach after 5 year from now?

Ans. To be able to create a very unique search engine. Join us as we evolve from here on.

4. Do we need to pay any royalty for the images that we download?

Ans. You can use the icons on any personal or commercial project including presentations, mind maps, web design, digital advertisements, graphics designs, social media posts, software, print and more.

5. Who designs the Freehand drawings?

Ans. We have a team of designers who does it for the site. Our focus is same. We wish to build something “unique” for this world to see. This is our contribution back to what we have learnt till now.

6. What is the concept behind Premium Pictofigo? and why you want us to pay for it?

Ans. Premium pictofigo is a specialized where only subject specific workflows are available. We need to do a good amount of research work in order to design those workflows.

7. How will Pictofigo evolve in next phases?

Ans. We leave that un-answered. Apology for the offense, though.