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Sports shorts women

Description: In the mid-nineteenth century, social and cultural developments led to the pervasive rise of sports and sport related activities, which spurred the origin of sportswear for both men and women. Previously, sports and games revolved around horses, shooting and hunting. Ancient sportswear consisted of men wearing collared, double-breasted, tailed frock for shooting, which is adapted from the military clothing in the 18th century. Eventually, women also adopted this clothing directly from men’s styles, characterizing women's sportswear in the early twentieth century. The United States gave rise to a variety of outdoor sports and games for both men and women, which required them to be fit and healthy. An attire was assigned for the same for uniformity and comfort during the play, which underwent modifications with time due to urbanization. Fashion coupled with necessity ruled runways in the sportswear genre. Sportswear for women is here to stay, with a plush makeover. Get all the tips below to look stylish while breaking a sweat.

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